Our Arboriculture Services

Are you looking for skilled and professional help with your trees?

Aspire can help with any size problem. Our team will provide you with advice on how best to proceed regarding any kind of tree maintenance, felling, planting or coppicing projects. We use the latest equipment and techniques to make sure work is conducted safely; protecting people, property and also the health of your trees. We also conduct a range of survey and inspections.

Tree surgery

We offer the full range of tree surgery services to both domestic and commercial customers,

on a one off and contractual basis.

  • Tree Pruning, including crown reductions, thinning and lifting;
  • Felling and dismantling;
  • Pollarding;
  • Stump grinding;
  • Deadwood removal;
  • Coppicing;
  • Utility Arboricultural Works;
  • Storm damage and windblown works.

Tree planting

We can also undertake tree planting projects. This can range from large scale works for developers to fulfil their planning conditions or conservation groups reclaiming land for woodland areas, to smaller landscaping projects. We can work on these projects with or without ongoing maintenance packages.

Tree Inspections

We also offer inspections and surveys in conjunction with our partners, Tim Moya Associates. Our inspection services include:

  • Tree condition surveys and mapping;
  • Decay detection assessments;
  • Climbing surveys – where specialist equipment is required to look into a high crown;
  • Tree ecology surveys – e.g. to confirm bat or owl nesting sites.

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